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LPhant is a free P2P file sharing application that lets you share, download and find files. It quickly find the files on the internet by connecting to various effective and fast servers. It provides faster downloading by using e2dk protocols and Bittorrent. With the help of this freeware you can easily download music, video and documents from file sharing networks. 

Lastly, there’s Vevo –- a separate platform that’s integrated with YouTube to bring you personalized entertainment and music videos. If you’ve ever searched for a song or professional recording artist on YouTube, you’ve probably already noticed that most top results bring you to a Vevo video. Although you can’t really create and upload your own videos on Vevo, you can most definitely create your own account or download any of the mobile apps to discover new music content whenever you want.

PotPlayer is another feature-heavy video player for power users, but the software stands out from the rest, thanks to its minimalist UI and a clutter-free design. PotPlayer can play virtually any file format you throw at it without a hiccup. Aside from basic playback controls, subtitle tools (renderer, styling, syncing) and design customization options, you also get some additional features such as Pixel Shader, 3D Video mode, 360-degree output and deinterlacing to name just a few. Online streaming and Blu-ray support are also on the table.
Listed here are video hosting providers exclusively serving businesses wanting to share video content internally with employees or externally with customers, partners, or prospects. Features may include limiting access to authenticated users, tracking of user actions, integration with single sign-on services and a lack of the advertisements normally present on public sites. Among sites in this category are:
Launch Jacking while the term helps designate its connotation, it’s not what you make it out to be. In reality it’s really nothing more than basic sales. No matter what the product is, everyone has their purpose in the algorithm it takes to take an idea to a product to a sale. People who are so called launch jackers are really just affiliates. They are helping sell the product no matter what you think of their tactics. People that are looking into “Bro-Tastic Money Finder X” really need the extra push to buy it. So they are scouring the net for more information on the product. What a launch jacker is essentially doing is putting that same information that is available on the site, in a different form. Most of these forms are tried and true! They are very well analyzed, split tested and everything matters! Even the science of the colors and how it can lead you to certain actions. Hell it even involves psychology. It’s actually pretty genius if you understood it more. Ethically, almost all these products have a 100% money back guarantee. If it doesn’t, I won’t promote it unless…. I know the people behind it.